You Can Do It

Clunes Primary School is a You Can Do It! School and as such, we embrace the Five Foundations (Keys) for Achievement and Social-Emotional Well-Being
1. Getting Along
2. Confidence
3. Resilience
4. Organisation
5. Persistence
Central to the development of these five foundations are eleven habits of the mind:
1. Accepting Myself
2. Taking Risks
3. Being Independent
4. I Can Do It
5. Giving Effort
6. Working Tough
7. Setting Goals
8. Planning My Time
9. Being Tolerant Of Others
10. Thinking First
11. Playing by the Rules
At Clunes Primary School, we consider the five foundations as integral to our students’ success and a feature of our school culture.
About Us
Established in 1875, Clunes Primary School offers students a safe and supportive learning environment.
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