Bluearth is a unique movement approach to learning that improves behaviour, self esteem, confidence, health and academic achievement. Clunes Primary School implements this as a whole school program that is incorporated into daily fitness and dedicated sessions each fortnight. The Bluearth Professional Learning Program addresses the following critical areas of student development:
  • Self confidence
  • Concentration
  • Cooperation
  • Awareness of others
  • A willingness to accept new challenges
  • Improving behaviour/choices
  • Desire to attend school on Bluearth days


The key to the Bluearth Approach and the reason it is so successful is the focus on the students’ experiences as a result of participating in each activity. Students are not told what is right or wrong, but they are skilfully guided and questioned, resulting in a range of powerful messages being reinforced.

These include:

  • Honesty
  • Fair play
  • Consideration for others
  • Cooperation
  • Challenging oneself
  • Quality of Attention


Bluearth activities complement our whole school implementation of YOU CAN DO IT!  where we focus on Getting Along, Confidence, Cooperation, Organisation and Resilience.

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